Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Compression Sack

I've just made a simple compression sack to hold my Buffalo Special 6 shirt, I found without being compressed it was a little bulky and as I do intend t take it when I walk Hadrian's wall in around April-May 2017.
I made the sack from some 2oz Nylon PU coated in olive green, I simply rolled up the shirt to get an idea about the size of the thing and worked a pattern out from the measurements.

I used some odds of para-cord (550) for the loops for compression straps again made from a piece of 550 cord, All the sticking was done in V69 thread( which I must say I've got way to much of).  Also on the machine table is a new chest bag design to fit my Kestrel 58 pack, I had already made one but it was in MTP type camo to be used as a stand alone piece of kit, This one is specifically for the Kestrel Pack

I love sewing on my Toyota LS2-AD150 industrial machine although when I purchased it it was a very different beast to work on, I tried and tried to get used to the bloody clutch motor way of sewing but for the stuff I like to make I needed a slow single stitch at a time accuracy.
In order to get the speed I needed I had to swap out the original (new) clutch motor and replace with a servo motor, this allow's the precision I require. sewing is a pleasure now.

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