Thursday, 12 January 2017

Beginning the idea

Beginning the idea

Well after a sudden rush of blood to my head I’ve decided to commit to walk Hadrian’s Wall from west to east, And considering I am what you would call a little unfit I think I have a bit of an uphill battle to get my fitness levels to the required state ready to walk in end April 2017 or beginning of May same year.
I have made a few new purchases to enable me to get my pack weight down from the Bush crafting weight (F~cking heavy) to a nice manageable 15 kilos (hope).

I may also try to do a couple of You Tube Vids (camera shy) regarding my setup and load as well as photos and videos from the walk itself. Sort of diary.
I had the idea to walk Hadrian's wall as an option instead of walking my local LDP the Cleveland Way, as I felt if I'm half way round the Cleveland way I could jib out with small excuses as the path passes withing 100 meters of a family members home :( ... so Hadrian's wall it is.
I have Asked my son (Liam) if he Fancy's having a got at the walk with me but sometimes his motivation drifts so I'm planning it as a solo walk ( maybe even with my Dog Milo).
Will post more when I make a decision about taking my dog, as the opinion from some of the walking forums that Hadrian's wall walk is any but doggy friendly, I also need to work out and idea on him carrying a little of his food and water.

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