Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sleeping bear

Sleeping bear (well that’s me after a long uncomfortable night)

Well after a few un-comfey nights in a bivi bag I’ve purchased and new sleep pad to replace my Military issue Multimat 3/4 
The new mat is a  Klymit Static V ( un-insulated) and for a lightweight sleep mat the price was great (£56) EBay. 
Before I decided to get the mat I viewed some reviews on YouTube, most were done in the US so will have to see how it works out in the UK cooler climate.
The mat is 6.35cm thick when inflated and comes with a repair kit for those inevitable events when we get careless and puncture the mat. I have never popped my Multimat ¾ but that seems to be made of a more robust fabric.
The mat details are

More Information
Price £56 (eBay seller) Ebay seller
Weight 18.1 oz. / 514 g
Dimensions        72" x 23" x 2.5" / 183 cm x 59 cm x 6.5 cm
R-Value                1.3
Inflation               10-15 Breaths (depends on your lungs)
Pack Size              3" x 8" / 7.62 cm x 20.3 cm
Fabric    75D Polyester

Warranty             Limited Lifetime

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